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In February of 2017, Silo, Arte e Latitude Rural held the first Resilience: Artist in Residence The residency received about 200 inquiries from artists around the world. Four artists have been selected and one local artist was invited to participate in the program.

About the selected artists

Pierre Fonseca (Brasil) lives in Belo Horizonte. He works with and in between sound, education, politics, technology, social science and biology. During the Resillience: Artist in Residence Pierre developed machines to connect people, nature and animals.

Gil Delindro (Portugal) lives in Berlin. He has distinguished himself by the use and research of organic elements, ephemeral events and intangible processes in Nature. His cross-border practice is based upon film, installation, sound performance and site specific/field research, facing themes such as time, animism, decay and geology.

Bernhard Garnicnig (Austria) lives and works in Vienna. His artwork is focused on the digital occupation of institutionality as artistic practice, conceptual narrations of emancipatory institutional and corporate surfaces for structures of aesthetic collaboration and earnest attempts at making paradoxical things work to see what happens.

Violeta Pavão (Brasil) lives between Penedo and Rio de Janeiro. She holds a Master degree in Visual Arts working now in the field of performance art. For the Resilience: Artist in Residence Violeta proposed “s u l c á” a performance based on decolonization acts.

Sara Lambranho (Brasil) lives in Mexico City. She is master student in Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. She operates at the interface between drawing, video, photography and sound installations.

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