Call for Collaborators | Emergency Lab | 3ed.

The 3rd Edition of the EMERGENCY LAB – COVID-19 – TURNIG POINT to join a group of people who believe in collaboration and innovation in a virtual space to create solutions to the complex problems facing their communities in the face of the impacts of the COVID – 19 pandemic.

The 2nd Edition of the Lab is a Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural production with the support of Instituto Ibirapitanga, in partnership with Amerek, Bela Baderna, Casa Criatura, Festival Circular do Bem Viver, Lab Coco, Datalabe, Coletivo Etinerancias, Frena la Curva, Gambiologia, Gênero e Número, Grupo de Experimentações Poéticas e Políticas do Sensível – GEPPS – USP, Horta Inteligente, Instituto Elos, Instituto Update, Instituto Procomum, MediaLab.UFRJ, Mulheres do Futuro, Museu da Mantiqueira, No-Budget Science, Olabi, Oráculo, Pretalab, Redes da Maré, Segura a Onda, Think Olga, A Tramadora and TransLab.URB

With a multidisciplinary character, the laboratory is characterized by the meeting of cultures, knowledge and generations, it promotes the dialogue between popular knowledge, science and new technologies. A virtual space for strategic development is established, ruring five days of remote work, where projects are connected to different resources and knowledge.


Applications can be submitted until August 21 by collaborators who wish to participate directly in the development of projects and initiatives aimed at fighting COVID-19. They will work and make decisions alongside a team.

See below the projects that will be developed.


And apply through this FORM

For questions or issues with the form, please get in touch by email: [email protected] or visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS