Cinthia Mendonça

Director, founder and creator of Silo, she lives in Serrinha do Alambari. She is a performance artist and researcher, with a degree in theatre direction and a Master’s in Visual Arts, both from UFRJ. Currently, she is doing a doctorate in Contemporary Art Practices at UERJ. She has experience in transdisciplinary work in rural communities. She is a mentor of LabIC Laboratório de Innovación Ciudadana (Citizens’ Innovation Laboratory) produced by the SEGIB. For five years, she founded and ran Nuvem – Rural Art and Technology Station, which was a project that gained financial support through culture incentive laws.

Fernanda Tosta

Product designer and woodwork educator in the socio-educational project of the Tomie Ohtake Institute. She was a mentor in the collaborative event Hackathon Paulista, which created ephemeral urban furniture for the Paulista Avenue and participated with her urban furniture workshops in the project Home Away from Home in Goiânia, which rethinks public spaces with the involvement of the population.

Sara Lana

Studied Electrical Engineering at UFMG and has developed since 2007 interdisciplinary projects related to sound, movement, music and electronic art. Among her recent works is the creation of interactive light and video scenery for shows in different spaces, such as Inhotim and Bescanó Theatre. She has also been dedicating herself to her project Blind Spots, which is a counter-surveillance research project in urban spaces.

Mariana Ramos

Biologist, with a degree from Universidade Federal Fluminense and a specialization in Environmental Education, she has worked on environmental projects, on forestry inventories, educational and environmental education projects. She is keen on agriculture, production and organic food, and believes in artisanal production and in small producers as a way of improving society.

Anais Karenin

Artist and stylist. She is doing a Master’s in art at PPGArtes - UERJ, researching fragments, memories and ruins and addressing country and oriental philosophies through performances, installations and objects. She studied Butoh dance with the masters Yoshito Ohno and Tadashi Endo and created INA NIN, a fashion and art project in which she uses technologies of traditional Chinese and Brazilian herbal medicine.

Thiago Hersan

Completed a degree in Computer Engineering and worked as an integrated circuits designer. Today he works with education, digital culture, journalism and other things. He is a member of the collective Astrovandalistas, a group that explores connections between technology, art, activism and design.

Vanessa Lucena

Woman, lesbian, feminist and public relations specialist who graduated from FAPCOM. She has worked for the strengthening of civil society organizations for more than 10 years and nowadays she is a member of the team of the Fundo ELAS as a resources manager. Nowadays, her concerns revolve around the demands of the women’s movement and of how communication can potentialise actions.