Call for Resilience: Artist in Residence 2018

This call invites artists and curators who are interested in performance and sound art to register for Resilience: Artist in Residence.

In its second edition, the residence welcomes artists and curators who are interested in developing their work in rural spaces and/or in environmental resilience between the 22 February and 14 March, 2018.

The residence proposes an esthetic study of resilience, whether it is characterized as a place, state, form, or applied to a person, setting, animal or thing.

If interested please send your application documents to: [email protected]. The email subject must state: Registration - Resilience: Artist in Residence. The email must contain:

The deadline for registration is December 30, 2017.


If selected, each artist will receive: return tickets from their place of origin, lodging (private or shared with one other), shared studios, board and the sum of R$2,000.00 per project.

At the end of the residency we will hold an exhibition with the works, and afterwards release a publication.

Places and Context

The residence will take place in the Environmental Protection Area of Serrinha do Alambari and Itatiaia National Park Plateau, both located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The spaces surrounding these two areas will also be available to carry out the works: environmental reserves, rural communities and the industrial centre.

The Serrinha do Alambari is an integral part of an Environmental Protected Area, situated in the municipal area of Resende (RJ), on the eastern slopes of Itatiaia National Park, Serra da Mantiqueira, to the west of the road to Visconde de Mauá (RJ-163). This area is peculiar for being a rural and environmental protection area. Serrinha has around 1,000 inhabitants, with small and medium-scale manufacture, commerce and tourism. The Environmental Protection Area of Serrinha do Alambari takes in the communities of Serrinha and Capelinha, protecting the high part of the micro basins of the Alambari and Pirapitinga rivers. Its total area is 4,500 hectares.

Itatiaia Plateau is located within the territory of Itatiaia National Park. The First Brazilian National Park was created in 1937 and is situated in the Serra da Mantiqueira. It is around 28 thousand hectares in size, covers Rio and Minas Gerais States and its terrain is characterized by mountains and rocky outcrops, with an altitude that ranges from 600 to 2,791 m, at its highest point, the ‘Black Needles Peak’ (Pico das Agulhas Negras). In the Itatiaia Plateau region, the highlands and U-shaped valleys are found. The park contains the sources of 12 important regional drainage basins, which drain into two main basins: that of the Grande river, an affluent of the Paraná river, and that of the Paraíba do Sul river, Rio de Janeiro’s most important river.


Realization: Silo – Arte e Latitude Rural
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Support: Ford Foundation
Partners: Crescente Fértil,