Open Call: Resilience: Artist in Residence 2021

Open Call

Art and science

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By the means of this call, we invite artists, curators and scientists willing to work in Art and Science to apply for Resilience: artist in residence that will take place between August 22 and September 12, 2021.

This year, the residency will host artists, curators and scientists interested in developing their work in a rural space in exuberant nature. The Resilience: Artist Residency will take place outside science labs and art workshops, in the Atlantic Forest domain, in the Environmental Protection Area of Serrinha do Alambari and on the Itatiaia National Park’s plateau, located at 2,791 meters of altitude.

In this environment, artists and curators intending to do research and willing to dialogue with science and scientific methods will have the opportunity to work alongside scientists. Scientists, in turn, will be able to expand their field of vision while dealing with unconventional variables, far from the protocols of their laboratories, and to link their work to artistic production.

The residency offers a favorable atmosphere for knowledge exchange between artists and scientists. We believe that science can transform itself by learning from artistic references, from the ways of thinking and doing which are intrinsic to art, on the one hand. On the other hand, we also believe that art can have an active voice in debates concerning scientific issues with great impact on society. Although they belong to different universes, using different languages and approaches, they both present creative processes and deal with the resolution of different problems. That said, artists and scientists can greatly benefit from a mutual sharing of experiences and perspectives, especially if they have the opportunity to share the same place for doing research and work. In this sense, by establishing connections between different knowledge and promoting dialogue between multiple actors, Resilience: Artistic Residency aims to promote closer bonds and a richer dialogue between science, art and society.

The registration in the residency will be made exclusively per email: The subject of the email may include: Registration - Resilience. The email must contain a PDF file with:

Proposals submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted.

Deadline for applications: July 31, 2021.

Basic Information

The residency will take place between August 22nd and September 12th, 2021. The artistit, curator or scientist selected will receive: round trip tickets, from your place of origin, private or shared accommodation with one person, shared studios, free food and the amount of R$2,000.00. Our facilities are large and airy.

In the residency we include expeditions in the region of Serrinha do Alambari and Itatiaia’s Park, and participation in Silo-school, a space for exchange of knowledge with the local community and other interested parties.

At the end of the residency, we will hold an exhibition with the research, the processes and works developed. After the residency, we’ll release a publication with the documentation of the processes and results of the work carried out.

Location and context

The residency will take place within the Serrinha do Alambari and the Itatiaia National Park’s plateau, both located in the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, RJ, Brazil, between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The surroundings will also be available for the work: environmental reserve, rural communities and industrial hub.

Serrinha do Alambari is part of an Environmental Protection Area (APA), located in the municipality of Resende, RJ, on the eastern slope of the National Park of Itatiaia, Mantiqueira Mountain Range. This area has the particularity of integrating a rural area and Environmental Protection Zone. Serrinha has about 1,000 inhabitants, commerce and tourist activity. The APA of the Serrinha do Alambari covers the communities of Serrinha and Capelinha, protecting the upper part of the micro basins of the Alambari and Pirapitinga rivers. It’s total area corresponds to 4,500 acres.

The Itatiaia Plateau is located within the area of the Itatiaia National Park. It is the first national park in Brazil, created in 1937, located in the Mantiqueira Mountain Range. The Itatiaia National Park has about 28 thousand acres that covers the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais presenting a relief characterized by mountains and rocky elevations, with altitude ranging from 600 to 2,791 m, at its highest point Agulhas Negras peak. In the region of Itatiaia’s plateau, there are plateaus and suspended valleys. The area of ​​the park guards the springs of 12 important regional hydrographic basins that form two other main basins: the Grande River, a tributary of the Paraná River, and the Paraíba do Sul River, the most important river in Rio de Janeiro.

Covid 19

After acceptance, Silo - Arte e Latitude Rural will provide a protocol for health safety that must be followed so that participants can travel and stay in our facilities safely, reducing risks of Covid 19 transmission.

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